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Could Your “Teeth Grinding” Problem Actually be Acid Reflux?

Acid reflux effects about 20 percent of the U.S. population. However, many people who suffer from acid reflux don’t know they have it, and even fewer are aware that it can erode tooth enamel and wear down tooth structure. To … Continue reading

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Complex Dental Issues From Tooth Wear

One issue that I commonly see in patients is the loss of tooth structure as a result of wear. Teeth have been worn down to the point that they can no longer function correctly, and complex dental work must be … Continue reading

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Methamphetamine and Your Teeth : A Bad Combination

  Need a reason NOT to do Meth? If that picture isn’t enough motivation to never start – here are 4 more reasons why you should never even try methamphetamine: Meth can contain battery acid, cold medicine, drain cleaner, antifreeze, acetone or … Continue reading

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Upgrading Your Smile

     Many advances in dentistry have occurred over the last few years and are continually developing. Dental researchers and providers have formulated upgraded materials and perfected advanced techniques that have optimized dental care. These folks have examined the effect of oral health … Continue reading

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