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This is an example of a patient who came in for a regular cleaning and her chief complaint was a chipped front tooth.  She was not even aware that she had a very complex dental situation.  The problem here is that she had no pain, even though she had lost precious tooth structure.

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Following full mouth restoration her dental health has been restored.






This patient knew she had  complex dental needs and it did take about a year to complete her treatment.  This final photograph is after 9 years.  Consequently, the decision to improve her dental health was a springboard for her to change her overall health.

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veneers were done on four front teeth for a beautiful result.

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I want patients to understand your dental health should not decline as you age.  I have many patients in their 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s who have all their teeth and have great dental health.  When I look in their mouth and check their x-rays I can honestly tell them they have the dental health of a 30 year old.  On the other hand, we often see new patients in their 30’s and younger who have teeth in an  accelerated rate of decline and they will never make it to an older age with their teeth if they don’t implement a plan.

Collaboration between the dentist and the patient must be achieved to create dental health.  Please understand that your dental insurance is not designed to create dental health.  It is there to supplement this endeavor. I often tell patients dental insurance has become like a coupon you use at the grocery store.  You are going to buy the foods and brands you and your family enjoy whether or not you have a coupon for them. This is analogous to the treatment plan you develop with me. Not everything on the treatment  plan will be covered but it is your treatment plan based on your needs and goals. Your insurance will help supplement the total cost of this treatment.


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