4 Things that Wreck Your Smile

Cavities and decay aren’t the only things that can wreck your smile. In fact, there are a number of things that you have control over that can ruin an otherwise beautiful smile.  

  1. Using your teeth as a tool. For instance, biting your nails and cuticles, or using your teeth to open or tear things. Your teeth were not designed to trim your nails and/or remove tags from your clothing. Doing so will wear away at the enamel and cause you to lose the edges of your teeth, which can cause a number of problems, including issues with your bite. It can also create chips and flat areas, and ultimately shorten the length of your teeth and ruin the symmetry of the smile.
  1. Acid erosion. Acid from your diet, such as sodas, coffee or citrus, can wreak havoc on your enamel. The acid weakens the enamel and creates soft or thin areas on the back of the teeth, which will start to flatten and thin over time. Patients may notice that the edges of their teeth are more transparent than the middle, which is a distinct characteristic of this type of wear. This can also be caused by frequent vomiting and acid reflux.
  1. Not replacing back teeth. Losing a back tooth may not seem like a big deal since no one will see it. However, replacing back teeth is just as important as replacing a tooth in the front of your mouth. The back teeth are the workers, and without one of them you may start to chew on one side or use your front teeth to do a job they weren’t designed to do. This can cause uneven wear in the front and ruin the esthetic of your smile.
  1. Not replacing outdated dentistry. As dentistry ages, it begins to stick out from the rest of the smile. For instance, a crown will stay the same color while the rest of the teeth darken. Teeth with fillings can also pick up stains and get darker at a much quicker rate than teeth without fillings. Many patients may not notice this because it is a gradual change that they have become accustomed to. Or, they may believe that their dentistry can only fail them mechanically. However, an esthetic failure is just as important to address to maintain a beautiful smile.

If you notice any of these issues in your mouth, call our office at (813) 689-4226 to schedule a free consultation. While many of these issues cannot be reversed, cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile and boost your confidence.

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