The Trend Towards a Natural Looking Smile

I recently attended a course with a number of elite cosmetic dentists from around the world. As one of only 3 attendees from the U.S., I found this to be a great opportunity to learn from my colleagues and discuss the recent trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Based on my conversations, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the latest trend in cosmetic dentistry is achieving a natural looking smile through the use of veneers. This is happening all over the world, from New York to Barcelona, London and Paris. In all of these places, cosmetic dentists are being called on to enhance the smile without making teeth look unnaturally straight or white.

Based on conversations with patients during cosmetic consultations, I believe that Tampa will follow suit in this trend. More times than not, I see patients who are interested in improving their smile but are afraid to get veneers because of the stigma they have. Many people believe that getting veneers means their smile will mimic those of Hollywood, where teeth are perfectly straight and paper-white. What they desire instead is more of an enhancement to their current smile.

Achieving a natural-looking smile is attainable through the use of veneers. However, selecting a cosmetic dentist who can achieve this look is an important step in the process. That is because it is the job of the cosmetic dentist to establish balance and harmony between what you are looking for and what will look natural.

As an experienced cosmetic dentist, I can achieve this look by looking at photos from a previous date—perhaps a time when you were happier with your smile. From there, we can identify the aspects of your smile that you like and those you might not like. Thus allowing us to enhance your smile while maintaining your identity.

It is important to remember that the perfect smile for you will be different from the next person and achieving this smile will require some subtle imperfections. For example, the color of the teeth should not be monotone. Rather, there should be variance from top to bottom and front to back.

Remember too that most people will see your smile from a conversational distance. They will not have a magnified view of your teeth, and therefore do not expect them to be without minor imperfections. It is these subtleties that will make the smile look authentic, rather than overdone.

For more information on how you can achieve a natural looking smile through the use of veneers, call us at 813-689-4226 to schedule a consultation today.

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