Invisalgin Success Story

Invisalign Orthodontics to Close Gaps

The following before and after photos demonstrate one patient’s success story with Invisalign orthodontics. For this patient, we utilized Invisalign to close the spaces between her teeth and retract the upper front teeth. After just 10 months of use, you can see the dramatic transformation that resulted from this treatment.

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VJDsmileafter Invisalign (2)

Smile After 10 months of Invisalign

VJDbefore smile

Smile Before Invisalign


Anterior Before Ortho

Anterior Before Invisalign

VJDright lateral before ortho

Left Lateral Before Invisalign

VJDleft lateral before ortho

Right Lateral Before Invisalign

VJDafter Invisalign

Beautiful Smile After 10 Months of Invisalign



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