Behind the Scenes of Cosmetic Dentistry

For patients undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures, there are a number of decisions that must be made in conjunction with the cosmetic dentist and their trusted staff. The look and feel of the veneers, for instance, is in large part a result of collaboration between the patient and dentist.

Yet, while these decisions are important, few are as important as those being made behind the scenes by the cosmetic dentist. That is because these decisions have a direct impact on the quality, longevity and post-op sensitivity of the restoration. Included in these are:

  • Prep Design – How will the restoration be designed? And how will the existing tooth structure be preserved?
  • Application Technique – Will the restoration be applied cohesively or adhesively? This decision is largely dependent on the amount of enamel remaining on the tooth.
  • Material Selection – Which type of veneers will the restoration be prepared with? Will it be Empress, DURAthin, e.max, Procera, Zirconium, or porcelain to metal?
  • Treatment of the Tooth – How will the tooth be treated? And what materials will be used to make the tooth receptive to the veneer?
  • Treatment of the Restoration – How will the restoration be treated? And what materials will be used to bond the restoration to the tooth?
  • Cementation – What type of cement will be used inside of the restoration? Will this be determined by brand, color, stability, physical properties, or all of these factors?

Because the cosmetic dentist will be making these decisions on behalf of the patient, it is important that patients select a dentist that they can trust to make the best decisions for their case. Is the dentist current on the latest trends in the field? Do they regularly attend educational seminars and continuing education courses? Have they researched all of the available options? These are just some of the questions that patients should ask during their initial consultation.

The reality is that improvements and changes to current processes are entering the practice faster than ever before. However, the newest products and procedures may not always be the best and it is the job of the cosmetic dentist to determine which advancements are an improvement to the process and which should be overlooked for more established practices.

The good news it that with these changes have also come a number of tools and techniques that can be used to improve the overall process and enhance the patient experience – changes that while unknown to the patient will be welcome to say the least.

For more information on these and other decisions made that will impact your cosmetic dentistry experience, call us at 813-689-4226 to schedule a consultation today.

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