Attrition of Teeth

Attrition of tooth structures is basically the premature erosion or wearing of the teeth. This can be caused by dental work that is too bulky on one arch and is wearing against the natural tooth structure on the opposing arch. It could also be caused by clenching and grinding and can be exacerbated by a diet high in acid. This patient had severe wear present on all of his teeth.  It caused a quality of life issue for this person, both socially and physically. This patient was on his way to a full denture, but Dr. Saylor and the patient concurred that the best thing for this patient’s health and well-being was to save all the natural teeth they could.  While waiting for two areas in the back to be prepared for implants, we were able to restore his front teeth with all-ceramic restorations, yielding an incredible result.

Not only did this procedure have a cosmetic impact, but Dr Saylor and team  literally saved this patient’s teeth. Had this issue of attrition not been addressed, it is likely that this patient would have worn his teeth down to the gumline, causing the teeth to become non-restorable. This patient’s treatment has been complete for 3 years and the patient is still completely satisfied with the decision to invest in his dental health as well as his overall health and peace of mind. 

“This is the best money I have ever spent”, says this patient.

If your goal is the same as Dr. Saylor’s, which is to have the least amount of dentistry possible over a lifetime and to maintain your natural teeth until your death at 95 or older, then you should be aware of the amount of wear and tear you are exerting on your teeth. There are many preventive measures you can take, but they all start with the observations and actions of you and your dental professional.

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