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When should my dentist refer me to a specialist?

I see a lot of patients who need complex dental work that may require the expertise of a specialist – from complicated root canals and implants to periodontal issues and tooth extractions. And more often than not, the patient will … Continue reading

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4 Things that Wreck Your Smile

Cavities and decay aren’t the only things that can wreck your smile. In fact, there are a number of things that you have control over that can ruin an otherwise beautiful smile.  

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Who should remove your wisdom teeth?

In a recent blog, we discussed whether or not you need your wisdom teeth removed and why this procedure is necessary for patients with a high risk of complications. If you’re one of the many patients who need these teeth … Continue reading

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Do you know your dental risks?

If you visited a new doctor today, it’s likely they would ask you for a list of your family’s medical history. They’d be interested to know how many relatives you have with heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and so on, as … Continue reading

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Do you really need your wisdom teeth removed?

The topic of wisdom teeth comes up a lot at our practice. Typically, parents come in with their teenagers because they’re curious about having their children’s wisdom teeth removed. They’ve heard that wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems … Continue reading

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Which is My Best Option – Crowns or Veneers?

Something that I’ve seen a lot of lately is crowns being placed where veneers were the best option, and vice versa. Patients enter our practice experiencing issues that could have been avoided if they were treated correctly the first time. … Continue reading

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Want Your Teeth to Outlive You? Avoid These 10 Things

My ultimate goal as a dentist is to help patients to create sustainable dental health, where their teeth will outlive them. Doing this requires me to look 20 or even 30 years in the future when planning out a course … Continue reading

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How to Stop Cavities in their Tracks

As I’ve mentioned before, adults should not be getting any new cavities. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the number of adult patients I see who are getting them, and bad ones. The problem is that these adults are often susceptible … Continue reading

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3 Reasons You Should Keep Flossing

According to a recent Associated Press (AP) report, there is a striking lack of evidence to show that daily flossing actually prevents gum disease and tooth decay. As a result, the Federal Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has … Continue reading

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Regain your Confidence with a Winning Smile

Over the years, teeth get worn, discolored and change positions. I often have patients who come in feeling self-conscious about their teeth and want a quick fix. But sometimes it’s more than a couple of teeth that need fixing. If … Continue reading

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